This Round Dripper Irrigation Pipe Production Line is specialized in producing round dripper irrigation drip pipe, that is widely used in the field of water-saving irrigation of vegetables and flowers, planting trees and other green project.

Equipment features:

1. Adopts PLC centralized control, stable production process, easy to operate, energy efficient.
2. The emitters feeding, screening, transportation, inlaying, pipe output, drilling and rewinding are completed synchronously, high automation.
3. The extruded materials are uniformly plasticized, the drip tape surface is smooth and the sizing is accurate.
4. The traction machine adopts frequency control, it can be used for a variety of processing requirements. On the track surface has rubber protective layer, can effectively prevent the deformation of drip tape.
5. Mechanical drilling, high drilling speed, stable running.
6. Double station, coil changing without stopping. The winding length can be set freely.

Main technical parameters:

Pipe Diamter Pipe ThicknessProduction SpeedDripper Distance 
φ12mm, φ16mm, φ20mm0.6-1.2mm50m/min 100-1500mm 

Features of round dripper irrigation pipe:

1. The emitter spacing can be adjusted according to the needs of different crops.
2.The emitter adopts the unique design of arc wide flow channel, self-flushing, strong anti-blocking ability.
3.On each emitter can open two or four water outlet,that greatly reduce the risk of cutoff due to external obstruction.
4. Wall thickness up to 1.2mm, long service life.



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Round Dripper Irrigation Pipe Production Line


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