Features of the line :

1. Adopt frequency control system for extruder, forming machine and tractor, simple adjustment, reliable, stable, low energy consumption.

2. The extruder screw barrel is made of alloy material with quenching and ion nitriding process, that has high strength, high wear resistance, long service life and other characteristics.

3. Adopt automatic temperature control system for the heating temperature of extruder and die, high precision temperature control, remarkable energy-saving effect.

4. Use torque motor control for irrigation drip tape winding, can effectively overcome the tension defects, and equipped with digital meter counting device. The winding length can be arbitrarily set below 2500 meters (if required to extend meters, can be customized). The rewinder has memory, automatic alarm shutdown and other functions.

5. High automation equipment.


Main Technical Parameters :

Pipe Diamter Pipe ThicknessProduction SpeedDripper Distance 
φ12mm, φ16mm, φ20mm0.15-0.9mm70m/min 100-500mm 

Applications of drip tape:

The irrigation drip tape produced by this equipment is widely used for farmland (cotton, grapes, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, etc.), greenhouses, gardens and other areas, and water-saving irrigation in mountain hills area.

Features of drip tape:

1. Thin wall type irrigation drip tape, labyrinth flow channel, drip hole one time forming, good performance.

2. Wide labyrinth flow channel, turbulent water flow, multiple inlet and outlet, strong anti-blocking ability.

3. The dripping water and dripping water mouth distance can be customized according to the requirements.

4. Low price, wide use range.


Labyrinth Type Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line


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Labyrinth Type Drip Irrigation Tape Production Line


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