This flat dripper irrigation tape production line is our new generation of high-speed thin-wall drip irrigation tape production line. It's used to produce flat type drip irrigation tapes, which are widely used to grow field crops (such as cotton), fruits, vegetables, trees, flowers and more.

According to the requirements of the customers, we can design the production line with ABA or ABC 3 layers machine. B-recycled materials. A&C-virgin materials. The drip tapes have better quality. And it will save much cost to produce drip tapes. 

Main Technical Parameters:

Tape Diameter            Tape Wall Thickness            Production Speed            Dripper Distance            Roll Length            
Φ12mm,Φ16mm,Φ20mm            0.127-0.6mm            120m/min & 200m/min            100-1500mm            500-2500m            

Features of the machine :

1. It adopts PLC centralized control, stable production, easy operation, can efficiently and continuously produce the irrigation drip tape.
2. The emitters feeding, screening, transportation, storage, rationing and embedding are completed automatically. The delivery rate can be adjusted according to the production speed of irrigation drip tape, to ensure accurately the delivery and installation of dripper.
3. The extruded materials are uniformly plasticized, the pipe surface is smooth and the sizing is accurate.
4. The vacuum water tank and cooling water tank are made of stainless steel, the vacuum degree in the water tank can be accurately and flexibly adjusted according to production needs while maintaining stability.
5. Using two servo-driven tractor, pulling speed can be adjusted synchronously according to production needs, smooth traction speed.
6. Using mechanical drilling method controlled by PLC to make the drip tape hole, fast drilling speed.
7. Double station, coil changing without stopping. The winding length can be set freely.

Features of drip tape:

1. Integration with tape and emitter, easy installation, low cost, low investment.
2. Adjustable dripper spacing, to meet the irrigation demands of different crops, and satisfy the requirements of water saving and production increasing.
3. The emitter with multi-windowed intake improve its anti-blocking performance.

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Three-Layer Co-extrusion Flat Dripper Irrigation Tape Machine


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